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What position are you running for?

I am running for Circuit Judge in the 6th Judicial Circuit of Illinois. The 6th Circuit consists of Champaign, DeWitt, Douglas, Macon, Moultrie and Piatt Counties (Click this link for a map of the various Judicial Circuits in Illinois). If I am elected, I will likely be hearing cases at the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana.

I didn't realize that we elect Judges; how does that work?

The process for electing a Circuit Judge is broadly the same as it is for other elected officials in Illinois, with a primary election for established political parties, followed by a general election for the primary winners and any independent candidates who qualify.

Why are you running?

Our court system needs reasonable minded attorneys with a broad range of legal experience who can appreciate the problems, needs and aspirations of all people who come to court. That's me. With almost 20 years of experience in private practice and a lifetime of involvement in our community, I will bring a broader perspective to the Court than it currently has.

How did this position become vacant?

The Honorable Harry E. Clem retired from his position as Circuit Judge in 2016 (Click this link for the press release announcing Judge Clem's retirement). Under the Illinois Constitution, Judge Clem's replacement is elected by the citizens who reside in our Circuit.

What are the basic qualifications for Circuit Judge?

To be elected, a Circuit Judge must be over the age of 21, a citizen of the State of Illinois, a resident of the Circuit where the position is open, and licensed to practice law in Illinois.

What is your background?

I was born in Urbana. I have lived in Champaign-Urbana my entire life. I attended grade school in Urbana and Champaign (combination of public and private), then Central High School in Champaign. After graduation, I attended the University of Illinois, double Majoring in History and Speech Communications.

What kind of law do you practice?

I do pretty much everything. I've handled criminal and civil jury trials, bench trials, arbitration proceedings and mediations. I've represented clients in divorce cases, will contests, real estate disputes, complex tort cases in multi district litigation and class action suits. I've resolved personal injury suits, including wrongful death claims and faulty health appliance claims. In 19 years of general practice, with partners who have also had broad experience in a variety of cases and a dad with some of the highest profile cases around, I've pretty much seen it all. (Click this link to read more about my legal exeperience)

I thought I read somewhere that Judge Clem's replacement was already chosen. What is that about?

Since Judge Clem retired after the 2016 election cycle had already begun, the election to chose his replacement could not be held until November 2018. In the meantime, our State Constitution allowed the Illinois Supreme Court to temporarily appoint someone to fill that vacancy. That is what happened here. Justice Rita Garman (R-Danville) recommended attorney Randy Rosenbaum to her colleagues on the Supreme Court receive this temporary appointment and the Supreme Court accepted her recommendation. Randy Rosenbaum's temporary appointment ends immediately following the general election this coming November; the candidate chosen by the citizens of the 6th Circuit will be sworn in for a full 6-year term after the election.

I've heard that there is another Democratic Candidate for the Circuit Court. Are you running against her?

Ramona Sullivan is a candidate for the Democratic Primary to replace Arnold F. Blockman, who also retired as Circuit Judge in 2016. I, on the other hand, am seeking to fill the vacancy brought by the retirement of Harry E. Clem. As such, Ramona and I are *not* competing for the same position, and our respective candidacies are not adverse to each other.

Isn't your former partner, Roger Webber, also running for Circuit Judge? Are you running against him?

Roger Webber was appointed Circuit Judge by the Supreme Court in 2016. The appointment is temporary and it expires December 1, 2018. Roger is running for election to keep his position after his appointment expires.

Roger's appointment temporarily filled the vacancy created by the retirement of Arnold Blockman, and it is that position which Roger is seeking election to a full 6-year term. I, on the other hand, am seeking to replace Harry Clem, which is an entirely different position. As such, Roger and I are *not* competing for the same position, and our respective candidacies are not adverse to each other.

Are you running against *anyone* for this position?

I ran unopposed in the Democratic primary. I will face the Republican Candidate, Randy Rosenbaum, in the General Election on November 6, 2018.

This website looks a little different than others I've seen...did you do it yourself?

Yes, indeed. One of my jobs when I was in law school was to write webpages for the University of Illinois Office of the Provost. I wrote most of my office's website code, too. It may not be very fancy, but it gets the job done.

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